DadLAN April 2024 - DadLAN

DadLAN April 2024

On Sunday, DadLAN held our biggest event to date with 5 simultaneous in-person LANs alongside a remote contingent.

This was our smoothest event to date – local game, nationwide game, food and catching up with friends!
Big thank you to everyone who could make it, either on person or remotely, good to see so many of you in-game and IRL.

It takes a surprising number of people to make events like this happen, so thank you to everyone who contributes to the ongoing running of DadLAN, and to those who make these events possible.
Big thank you also goes to our partners and sponsors:

  • WorkVentures
  • City of Sydney
  • ItsBroken Digital
  • Fraser Coast Artisan Pasta Bar
  • Domino’s Hervey Bay