DadLAN May 2024 - DadLAN

DadLAN May 2024

Hi Everyone

It’s been a week since DadLAN May, and what an afternoon! Games were played, lunch was eaten, friendships were solidified, and lives were discussed.

And with nearly 60 attendees across 5 locations plus remote players, we are getting dangerously close to maxing out the biggest maps in a number of games!

What the attendees said

DadLAN has provided a supportive and inclusive space both in person and online that I didn’t even realise was missing.

DadLAN has given me a community again

Great initiative and helps blokes go into places well beyond gaming, things that we think we can’t asks mates because its not what men do.


A huge thank you as always goes out to our supporters for the month:


  • Domino’s Pizza Hervey Bay
  • Fraser Coast Artisan Pasta Bar
  • Guzman y Gomez Mexican Kitchen


  • ItsBroken Digital
  • City of Sydney
  • Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre
  • Nunawading Community Centre
  • The Mawson Centre

The People

It takes a decent number of people, both on the day, and throughout the month to make DadLAN happen, and a huge thank you goes out to every one of you.

DadLAN June

DadLAN June is coming! Lock June 16th into your calendars and keep your eyes peeled for tickets which will be available soon. Also keep an eye out for the new subnets which will officially be coming (or returning) online!